Jesse Williams Talks Black Panther Phenomenon, Oscars + Fergie Mess


Jesse Williams dropped by The Angie Martinez today and the two go into all things trending such as the 'Black Panther' phenomenon, Fergie butchering the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game and they even to to play a game Blebrity which happens to be Jesse's creation.

Jesse says that Fergie butchering the National Anthem has become a cultural moment and how it could possibly be an "awkward moment" category in his game Blebrity.  "I could hear something happening, I ran in and everyone seemed fine." The more I hear it, the more I like.  And the remix was kinda dope, it makes me like the original more" he says.  "I think Fergie is ahead of her times."

Jesse also discussed his new documentary titled 'Survivor's Guide To Prison,' giving back to Chicago school kids alongside Chance The Rapper and Drake's amazing and inspiring 'God's Plan' video.

While speaking about his new documentary 'Survivor's Guide To Prison' Jesse says that "it's a handbook to what happens when you get arraigned, you get indicted" and Busta Rhymes and Ice-T are in it.

We also get the inside scoop as to what's really good with Grey's Anatomy and why it went into hiatus.  "It has kinda reinvented it's self, it's a refocus on the part of Shonda Rhimes...we're 24 episodes a year and an hour. It's so much more work and so much more writing" he says.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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