Michael B. Jordan On 'Black Panther' "It Will Empower Our Kids"


Actor Michael B. Jordan who is one of the main stars of the upcoming 'Black Panther' movie dropped by The Angie Martinez show to talk about the groundbreaking Ryan Coogler directed project, that amazing soundtrack produced by Kendrick Lamar and which OGs in the acting game have given him advice.

During their sit down the two got into how Ryan continues to raise the bar when it comes to movie making, how the two men have grown respectively since they began working together in 2013 when they did 'Fruitvale Station' and plans for 'Creed' 2.

About the Black Panther movie Michael says that "words don't really do it justice" and how despite it being a black movie, "it's not exclusive to black people."  They also discussed Ryan being unapologetic about who he is and still being able to stay true to who he is despite having reached a level such as working with the Universally famous Marvel.

On Kendrick producing the entire 'Black Panther' soundtrack, he says that Ryan brought the project to Kendrick with thoughts of him doing a couple of songs and he ended up doing the entire soundtrack. "He is the voice of this movie...it is a well rounded album and it speaks to the film" he says.

His thoughts on Will Smith as an OG in the acting game? Michael says "he's definitely one of those guys that spits gems." He also offered up that actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Don Cheadle and Idris Elba having offered him advice on life in the industry, how to avoid pitfalls.

He also gets plans to get behind the camera, sharing a name with Michael Jordan, being raised in Newark and the downside of fame which includes "stalkers."

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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