Uncle Murda Talks 'Rap Up' Track, Robbing Skillz + Getting Paid Off Bitcoin


After dropping a FIRE recap track to 'Rap Up' 2017, Uncle Murda dropped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about him straight jacking Mad Skillz for the wrap up track formula, wether or not any celebrities have hit him to complain about being included in the track + he also talks 

On taking the Mad Skillz formula he says that "sometimes you gotta pass the torch" to which Angie replies that he straight took his torch. "I'm from Brooklyn you know we always taking stuff" he says.

Uncle does go on to say that DJ Clark Kent did try to put the two together to do a joint Rap Up together and Skillz straight shut it down. So he just went on to do his own thing and took ownership of the formula.

He also touches on how Mariah Carey telling Angie that his track 'Bullet Bullet' was her favorite song  changed her life, wanting K. Michelle to leave him alone, "I really am sorry" he says about dropping her name in a disrespectful manner + Nicki Minaj still being queen and Cardi B having some work to do.

The also talked about how Uncle Murda caught that Bitcoin wave nice and early and managed to make tons of money (but not millions as previously reported).

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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