Mase Bears His Cross In Unexpected & Intimate Convo With Angie Martinez


Mase has finally broken his silence when it comes to his long stand feud with Cam'ron which culminated in Mase going all the way off in 'The Oracle' and Cam clapping back on 'Dinner Time.

Angie got straight to the point and asked Mase what prompted him to drop 'The Oracle' to which he simply replied that sometimes "as a man you just have to defend yourself since it's not gonna stop until you say something."  He also mentioned that he has a 13-year-old son to who he must prove that a man has to stand up for himself.

"This spirit of the song is I'm a man now, whatever happened when we were 19, grown up...I've showed you my character by turning the other cheek" he says about finally standing up for himself. "If it's not stopped it's gonna end bad for him...we've been enemies for about 20 years."

He also touches on how people should pay respect to those who brought you into the game pointing out that 50 Cent has said that he would never violate Eminem, whether or not Cam really has a sister that he slept with and not wanting to end up like Biggie and Tupac, forever being attached forever due to their rap beef.

They also touched on:

  • Mase moving on to be a Pastor and being shaded for him moving up in life. "When a rapper turns around and elevates we praise them, like 50 Cent and Jay Z.  "Don't make it a curse because I did it...what's the issue with that?" he says.
  • Him being the one really spearheading Bad Boy Records during their golden era and how when Biggie passed "it was my pen that made Bad Boy rise to the occasion."
  • Wanting his legacy to be cleared up...I owe that to the people that love me.
  • The moment while he was on the Bad Boy Tour that Damon Dash suggested that he spark up some beef with Cam just to get a buzz. "Dame walks up to me and says "you and Cam should just beef it will stay on wax" I looked at him like he lost his mind."
  • Plans to hit the road with 'The Oracle' since he needs to "perform the song to let people know that I meant what I meant" he says. "My name needs to be vindicated."
  • Being from the bottom of the bottom and how Cam's hand me downs were his get fresh clothing."  Yet when everything changed and Cam had to learn how to be second that became a problem and then goes on to say Cam has had a problem with anybody who could potentially be over him like Jim Jones, Jay Z and 50 Cent.
  • "It would be in everyone's best interest to leave me alone" Mase says "I was in the lab, I'm not human when it comes to this. I spared with Biggie. You're dealing with a different breed."
  • How just off that 'The Oracle' freestyle he has gotten several multi-million dollar deals and he assures Angie that he's going to take this new wave he's riding and do "something very ICONIC" with it.
  • The time Mase drove from Atlanta to Miami to pull on Cam and the two ended up playing ball, yet once they parted ways Cam did another interview things turned sour again.
  • After the True Life and 50 Cent incident how Cam went missing for two years to take care of his family and the public and industry gave him that. "Why it gotta be a different narrative when I take care of my family?" he asks Angie.
  • Asking Diddy to work as an A&R with his son King Combs and being offended when Puff told him just to do a few song and send them over.  "No disrespect to him, he can find out on his own. I just thought it would faster" he says about wanting to work with his "family."
  • His belief that one day he will be in the same realm as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar when it comes to living a purposeful life but needing to clear the way before making it there. 
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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