T.I. Talks Cam'ron v. Mase, Meek's Sentence + Siding With 21 Savage


T.I. stopped by Angie Martinez's studio to catch up since he was last in the studio this year. If you're keeping up with TIP's life, you'd probably guess he wouldn't be coming through by himself and we're not talking the wife and kids, LOL. 

With the release of Hustle Gang's We Want Smoke happening last month (October 13), T.I. brought in rap vet Young Dro, and newer members Booke and London Jae from the Hustle Gang crew to talk about the new project. 

During the interview, T.I. who has dealt with his legal issues in the past weighed on Meek Mill's situation and the harsh sentence which was recently handed down on him for violating probation. "Now that we know that the deal is with the judicial system and these excessive sentences it's up to us to speak up" says TIP.  "It's about keeping minorities incapacitated...once you know that you have to speak against it." 

The whole gang also weighed in on the drama which went down between Mase and Cam'ron this past Thanksgiving weekend.  "I think they both got the same amounts of "ohhhs and ahhhhs" says TIP about the diss tracks following it up by saying that "just about anything" would bring him out for some rap beef.  But rest assure that it has to be a rapper "worth competing with, someone of similar relevance, I'm not finna battle with no newbie" says TIP.

They also touched on how some artist such as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Chris Brown and Kanye West get a pass despite getting in trouble and how people still rock with them "because the skill set and talent will overwhelm the trouble."

Angie and the Hustle Gang crew also talked about:

  • TIP taking 21 Savage's side when it came to him posting about different generations and he himself having been met with adversity from OG rappers that came before him. "It's just familiarity, people wanna gravitate towards what they know already" says T.I. about folks rejecting the new generation of rappers.
  • Being in mediation with Houston's restaurant to get diversity training for employees after there were discrimination claims made against them after Debra Antney and Momma Dee from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" were denied service. 
  • Hustle Gang member B.o.B being extremely underrated yet still one of the best in the game. "He colder than just about everybody... he don't care so much.  He really don't care" says TIP about B.o.B. being celebrated or given his props.
  • T.I.'s plans to do a television show with B.o.B which will be a cross between 'Wonder Years and 'Everybody Hates Chris' telling all the stories they went through as kids and B.o.B. maybe having a show of his own as well focusing on conspiracy theories.
  • Plus much more!
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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