Redman Talks 'How High' 2, His New VH1 Show + Plans To Direct Movies


Redman popped up on Angie Martinez while out our here doing promo runs for his new VH1 show 'Scared Famous' which he's hosting and stars Safaree Samuels, Miss Nikki Baby, Young Joc + a bunch more of the most entertaining reality stars VH1 has made famous.

While in the studio Redman also talked about the new Wu-Tang album, 'The Saga Continues,' which he's on, his plans to give back to his New Jersey community and wether or not we will possibly get another 'How High' movie from him and Method Man.

Redman also touched on:

  • The love he gets in the streets while out in these with his five kids.
  • His mom still living in Newark after 40 years of living there and her community work in their community.
  • His plans to improve Newark and working on the future of the youth of Newark.
  • Dupré Kelly from Lords of The Underground running for councilman in Newark and he's genuine desire to help his community.
  • His new TV show on VH1 in which he's the host or "master of scare-amony" as he likes to call it, where some of the biggest reality names star like Safaree, Tiffany Pollard, Young Joc, Miss Nikki Baby live in a haunted house.
  • His goal to direct one day, but still being open to doing this one VH1 show because he had fun and liked it once he showed up for work.
  • On whether or not we are going to get to see another 'How High" movie from Red and Method Man, he says "we are going to try to do another."
  • Him being excited about the possibility of Angie possibly having her own TV show and his desire to possibly be a part of it.
  • That moment when he worked with Angie and KRS-One in the studio during which they did a joint together + shot a video which never dropped.

Scared Famous airs Mondays at 9PM EST on VH1.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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