Lin-Manuel Miranda Puts All Projects On Hold To Focus On Puerto Rico


Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda pulled up to The Angie Martinez to discuss his new celebrity laced song 'Almost Like Praying' from which 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief.

While in the studio Lin-Manuel also discussed:

  • The moment him and Angie met at the White House during the Barack Obama administration.
  • When threw up the Roc-A-Fella sign at the end of his performance at the White House to make Angie laugh and ended up sparking illuminati rumors.
  • Still being a regular guy from New York who is still living in Washington Heights.
  • Moving to London to film the new Mary Poppins movie with his wife for the majority of this year.
  • How sad it makes him to know that he will no longer get dance to Hip-Hop in the White House anytime soon.
  • His thoughts on the Trump administration and the disrespect Trump has shown the people of Puerto Rico during such difficult times. 
  • In the wake of the Hurricane how he is now having more faith than ever in the people of the United States that have been moved "if the Gov's response what's like the people's response we would be OK."
  • How he came up with the concept for his new song 'Almost Like Praying' which benefits Puerto Rico and includes the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Luis Fonsi and Gina Rodriguez. "I was calling every Latino person I knew and asking them to get on the song" he says.
  • No longer appearing in Hamilton as an actor now that the show is proceeding on it's own power "for a very special occasion I might...I'm so outta shape now" he tells Angie about possibly reprising his role.
  • Putting all his other projects on hold for right until Puerto Rico is back on track.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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