RZA: "Joey Badass & A$AP Mob Took The Wu-Tang Philosophy"


RZA dropped by The Angie Martinez show along with DJ Mathematics to talk about the new Wu-Tang album, which he executive produced and Math produced, RZA's new comic and upcoming movie with Common, Azealia Banks and Jill Scott.

They also touched on:

  • His career as a rapper, actor, producer..." it's a blessing being able to express this art (hip-hop) in a different medium."
  • Hooking up with Chipotle for a promo campaign despite the fact that he couldn't even pronounce the name the restaurant for which he got a 60-piece orchestra to record a sound for every single item used by Chipotle.
  • Being Vegan for years now and stopping the meat consumption back in 1997 after being crowned "chicken wing champ" is his home.
  • The last Wu-Tang album that nobody really got to hear and how incredible it is that nobody has ever bootlegged it. "There's an 88-year non-commercialization clause...this was the first contract of it it's kind...it was to put value back in music." 
  • How proud RZA is that Joey Badass and the whole A$AP Mob took the Wu philosophy and ran with it.
  • Method Man is one of the first members to start working with Math on this project which he started working on without an objective and RZA decided it should be a Wu album. "Every other Wu member was feeling good about the music," says RZA about the project coming together.
  • RZA having the legal say on any Wu album that ever gets put out.
  • RZA's upcoming movie which he directed and stars Common, Azealia Banks and Jill Scott.  "She killed the movie...she really held her weight," he says about working with Azealia on the film.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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