Vic Mensa Talks Making Up With Chance, Beef With Akademiks, + New Album


Vic Mensa sat down with Angie Martinez to talk Made In America Festival, a fashion side-project,  Chance the Rapper, DJ Akademiks, and of course, his new album "The Autobiography". Here's how it went down:

  • Making the mistake of going to the wrong spot for his Philly Cheesesteak. 
  • Performing at Made in America and loving it due to it’s range of music and knowing that most people there are music lovers.  
  • The moment when JAY-Z surprised fans at another stage at MIA and how it went nice and smooth despite it being a mob of people there. 
  • His Puerto Rican alias that he had a fake ID for.
  • That moment when he decided to black out Chance The Rapper out of a photo and how he got the idea from Justine Skye who did it to him. 
  • Struggling with his hair and plans to chop it off soon since it’s way to much work. 
  • How he has changed since he was on the cover of XXL. 
  • His new jacket line that he's working on with his boy “I’m finishing the collection, I made one for Blue that I gave to JAY-Z and Beyoncé the other day.” 
  • Younger kids having to hustle and steal to stay “dope & fresh” due to the high prices of fashion.
  • Loving Joe Budden's music. “I do really rock with Joe”  he says. 
  • The confrontation between him and DJ Akademiks “The real battles are not physical battles…when I’m speaking about violence and personal loss…you shouldn’t exploit the situation, the situation in Chicago is one involving real people.” 
  • Overall feeling like his conversation with Akademiks was productive. 
  • Being electrocuted while trying to sneak into Lollopolooza and then getting locked up after he fell onto some railroad tracks.  
  • His statements about how Donald Trump is giving us a good look at what America is really like and how Charlottesville further brought to the light. 
  • “These are the people that influence and make up a large part of this country.” 
  • The importance of combating and confronting racism and how young people who love hip-hop can help make a change. 
  • How working closely with No I.D. got him into doing beats. 
  • Trusting the right people when it comes to having his music critiqued and being happy about the work he put out with his debut album. 
  • Getting the call to join Justin Bieber on tour and then finding out Bieber had cancelled the tour. 
  • Houston being one of his most supportive cities and hopes to get down there to help. 
  • His foundation that he’s working on to open a school, a project he’s working on to help pair kids from Chicago interested in music with other kids from around the world who are also interested in music.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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