INTERVIEW: Marlon Wayans Talks 'Naked' and New NBC Sitcom


Marlon Wayans sat down with Angie Martinez to discuss his Netflix Original movie ‘Naked’ and new NBC sitcom ‘Marlon’. This is how it went down:

  • Marlon still gets excited when he gets a new project because it means his kids can go to good schools and potentially grow up to be millionaires that can take care of him when he is older.
  • He manages to keep in good spirit and inspire folks to be better with all that is going on socially and politically in 2017 in America. “I laugh at some of this…we’re letting them speak because this is America, they have the right to speak…love is killing hate right now, hate can’t win. I can’t let hate win.
  • The youngest of the Wayans Brothers indicates that Donald Trump and the political climate has inspired him to do a comedy special. Marlon goes on to say “I gotta dig in, I’m gonna do my first special this year” while claiming that he has waited this long to do one because “he wants us to see something new” about him.
  • He says his reason for never getting married is “I don’t want to make no mistakes, fame is hard. If I can’t do it and do it fully, I don’t want to do it”, and describes how even Jay-Z was not truly successful at being a married man.
  • Marlon misses “old school” type dating without all the social media and technology. “Nowadays everything is about the show” he says about folks sharing all things on social media.
  • His new show ‘Marlon’ is all about a divorced couple who is working on keeping their family together. He also acknowledges that he has to take full responsibility for the show because it is named after him.
  • Marlon says that Regina Hall is very sweet and an amazing actress who sent him back to “school” while acting in their scenes together.
  • He addresses those who have not been in the industry for decades like him, by saying “Everybody got their own time, their own path. God is preparing me for a long stay.”
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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