Ice Cube Says Confronting Bill Maher Was A "Teachable Moment"


Ice Cube sat down with Angie Martinez to talk about his conversation with Bill Maher on TV about Bill's controversial use of the N-word, why he didn't cancel his appearance because he felt like it was a "teachable moment" that other people could learn from. 

Cube also spoke on getting backlash from some of his white fans who told him “you use the word, you made money off the word" to which Cube responded "ya made a whole country off the word, It’s our word, we can do what we want with it.” 

Cube also added that he thinks that Bill "is a good dude" and is needed on TV. “I like Bill Maher, I think what happened with him happens with other people around the country and how they get to comfortable” using the n-word says Cube.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media... Read more


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