If Tupac Lived Trump Wouldn't Be President

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Benny Boom is gearing up to release his highly anticipated biopic about the life and death Tupac Shakur. All Eyez On Me is the true and untold story of the prolific rapper, poet, and activist, detailing his journey from his early days in New York to one of the world's most influential voices. Tupac's legacy has only continued to grow despite his tragic death at the age of 25. 

Even though Tupac's influence can still be felt today, Boom likes to imagine a world where his life wasn't cut short. During his appearance on The Angie Martinez Show, Boom and Angie agreed that if Tupac had lived then Donald Trump would not be president. "We scratched the surface of what he was able to really do...Pac definitely would have been a politician of sorts," Boom said of the late rapper. "You know, we've got Black Lives Matter and all that stuff. He would have had his own movement."


Boom went on to say that Pac would have helped bridge the gap between generations in the civil rights movement. "No disrespect to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They're always the ones that get the phone call, but they're not from our generation." Boom explained, going on to say that "They'll get the phone call, but they're so detached. Trayvon Martin's family, they're my age or younger, you know what I'm saying? Sharpton ain't that. But imagine if Pac was alive."

Boom also commended Jay-Z for his accomplishments, as well, imagining the force of nature the rappers would have been together. All Eyez On Me hits theaters on Friday, June 16th. Make sure you check out this important biopic. 

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