Irv Gotti Weigh's In on Fyre Festival, Talks New Show "Tales", and Murder Inc Relaunch


With the anticipation of his new show "Tales" airing on BET, June 27th, 8PM Irv Gotti dropped by The Angie Martinez Show and this is how it went down: 

  • He Discussed his new show "Tales" that will begin airing on BET June 27th, with a special 2 hour premiere episode. Each episode is a story based around a popular song with the premiere episode being about NWA's "F*** Tha Police".
  • Said he drew a lot of inspiration from “Tales from The Crypt” excepted he removed the crypt keeper and put the songs the episode is based off of instead at the beginning. 
  • The Tidal Version will be available 30 days after the premier along with extra footage that was chopped from the BET aired version.
  • Irv Announced that he is partnering up with Pitbull to pitch “Tales Latin”. Also wants to do “Tales Asia”.
  • Spoke how he broke up with his girlfriend and still loves her but says “She’s nuts she’s 21. When I was running around in these streets, she wasn’t even conceived”. 
  • Talked about how his relationships didn’t’ work about because he was working on “Tales” and other projects. Also touching upon T.I. and Tiny's relationship comparing it to his. 
  • Spoke about what went down between him and 50 Cent.
  • Him and Jay-Z talking it out after he did ‘Super Ugly’ and apologizing to Nas.
  • On Return of Murder Inc: “Ja Rule is a part of everything I do”, “I wanna put my energy in the new artists as well”.
  • He touched about his relationship with Ashanti, and why he won’t reconcile with her.
  • In 2019 Irv would like to have an anniversary tour for Murder Inc since it will be the 20-year anniversary, but says he still hasn't reconciled with Lloyd.
  • On Ja Rule & The Fyre Festival: “But they weren’t ready, they was ambitious, everyone thinks he was doing everything, come on it wasn’t him, but he got the weight of it. They Should have postponed it."
  • He also said he spoke to Ja Rule as the Fyre Festival fiasco was going down. Ja Rule wasn’t even there he was in Chicago doing a show.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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