2 Chainz Talks Big Meech, Murses + Political Plans


While gearing up to drop his new album 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music" 2 Chainz dropped by The Angie Martinez Show and this is how it went down: 

  • He first gives us a break down of his outfit  which includes a messenger bag with all his "essentials" which are: enough money to buy a car, three cell phones, a lighter, things that may have a correlation to a lighter + a brush he's stuck on these days.
  • He explains the post he shared on Instagram after being trolled for uploading a photo of himself wearing a Goyard messenger bag. "I remember hearing the same thing when we did duffle bag in '07" he says about the messages he was left accusing him of wearing a purse or being gay.
  • Big Meech gets back in touch with him thanks to an Instagram post 2 Chainz shared in which he said: "Messenger bags were started by BMF who we all know were street millionaires who inspired other people from the street."
  • Talk with 50 Cent about the upcoming BMF series. "50 is talking to both of them, when he puts his mind to something he does it."
  • Thoughts of a possible 2 Chainz movie and surprises audiences should be anticipating. 
  • What Drake was talking about when he said that he's learned more about him thanks to his new album in the new album trailer. "Drake is somebody who I really respect opinion wise, it's the outro" which he says Drake was talking about which includes words from the Honorable Minister Farrakhan.
  • Believing that folks will be surprised by what we get are getting from the new album lyrically, content wise, instrumentally and how his way of thinking as we know it has evolved. Looking forward to gaining new fans, performing new materials and using this upcoming Summer tour as a way to try new things. "We gotta have pink trap houses" he says about the tour.
  • "I'm paying racks for this stuff, ain't nobody going to swipe for me" he says about his fashion choices and being a "label whore."
  • "They gave me best dressed and most popular in High School" he says while letting Angie know that he didn't just start dressing this way, people got him twisted.
  • Which celebs are equivalent to him when it comes to the fashion game and shop the same brands including Migos.
  • The possibility of having a political career "I can do anything, I can be the Mayor of Collipark" but then says things might end up like Donald Trump's presidency with him not knowing what to do once he's in office.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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