Khalid Talks DJ Khaled Mixups, Upcoming Tour With Travis Scott + Chance Comparisons

Music newcomer Khalid who already scored a smash hit with 'Location' 📍 dropped by the Angie Martinez Show and the two talked about:

  • How it feels to be famous at just 19-year-old and how things have changed for him now that he's found fame.
  • His mom giving up her dream to be a singer so that he could pursue his dreams.
  • Whether or not he will put his mom on the new album.
  • Growing up a military kid and whether or not he has been able to build friendships.
  • Living in Germany, New York and El Paso as he moved around with his mom while she was in the military and how it gave him stories to tell and a really big sense of maturity.
  • The sense of loneliness that gives off in his music.
  • Whether or not he gets upset when people mispronounce his name and confuse it with DJ Khaled's name.
  • Plans to go on tour with Travis Scott. "I'm super excited, I'm a fan first. This is next level, each tour is a step."
  • Learning how to stay productive when it comes to music when he's traveling and his focus as of recently being collabos and securing a Kelly Rowland collaboration which he says is "one of the best songs I ever wrote."
  • Working with his friend Logic "he's so awesome, I love working with friends and people I have a connection with...he's so dope and an amazing individual."
  • Which artists he's been compared to which includes Chance The Rapper,  Frank Ocean and even a male version of SZA.

Watch the interview:

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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