J.I.D. Says He's Ready To Battle Rap + Reveals Why He Didn't Want A J. Cole Feature

Dreamville artist J.I.D. dropped by The Angie Martinez Show and the two got into:

  • How his name came to be and who actually gave it to him and why. Do you say JID or J.I.D.
  • Picking Biggie over Tupac Shakur and how he respects the origin of hip hop coming from New York.
  • What he's currently listening to that has him absorbed right about now being anyone who has an opion.
  • How being signed to J. Cole's Dreamville puts some extra pressure on him and how he met the folks at Dreamville.
  • How the Dreamville team is very particular about who they put and how it was also an interview process when he went down to Cole's crib before being signed.
  • Making a track on the walk-in as soon as he walked in and how the vibe is in a house for of artists. 
  • Being a big time Cole fan before even meeting him "they're down to earth, a real person just like you" he says about Cole.
  • The reason why he decided to not feature extra artists on the album to make sure people understand his story.
  • Cole producing on the album and how he would have turned down a "it's just not where I was at...they came at the tail end of the project...you needed to hear me."
  • Secluding himself from the world at times and working on all his music production on his own.
  • Being the youngest of a family of seven, but still feeling like he grew up by himself.  All the random, dark things that he went through when younger.  "I keep that chip on my shoulder so it can be present in my music."
  • How it goes down when he hits the stage. "I be wilding, baptize babies...it depends on the vibes I'm getting.
  • Plans to be one of the greats and plans to compose and win Grammys. "I wanna do all of that and I'm gonna make it happen."
  • The amazing vibes that Dreamville comes with which extends into the business aspect of his record deal.
  • Plans to keep touring + dropping some visuals once he is ready.  "I take as much time with the videos as I do with the music...I'm telling my story, I'm not diverting from it."
  • What he considers the uniqueness that he brings to the forefront one of them being his voice and working with the pen.
  • Coming out of Atlanta and respecting what all other artists are out here doing and staying out of the way when people try to trash other people's music.
  • They also get into how he loves battle rapping and weigh in on the Biggie v. Tupac and Nicki Minaj v. Remy Ma rap beefs. "I've been waiting for years, I got the bars ready."

Check out the interview:

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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