Talib Kweli talks Twitter Ban, Iggy Azalea Beef, Pepsi's Apology + Trump

Talib Kweli stopped by the AT&T studio to talk to Angie Martinez about his new album with Style P called The Seven, talk about his new artist K'Valentine and more. 

During his visit he also talked about:

  • Getting suspended from Twitter. "Being the unapologetic black man that I am, my mere existence triggers people"
  • His issues with white rappers who don't stand up for the culture
  • His issues with Iggy Azalea. "
  • With doing songs with white rappers. "I can do a million songs with white rappers and still be (seen as) racist.
  • He gives his opinion on the Pepsi protest commercial with Kendall Jenner
  • His opinion on Donald Trump demoting Stephen Bannon
  • His thoughts on Donald Trumps presidency thus far "If we had a chance to kill baby Hitler..."
  • Being in a political bubble
  • His political aspirations 
  • His opinions on Mayor DeBlasio 
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media... Read more


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