Faith Evans Talks Biggie Documentary, New B.I.G. Duet Album, Stevie J + More

Faith Evans came through the AT&T studios to chat with Angie on the 20th Anniversary of Biggie's death. 

While in the studio they discussed:

  • Faith using some of Biggie's vocals for her new album.
  • Her son Christopher Wallace Jr. "CJ" looking like a skinnier version of his father.
  • T’yanna’s clothing line “Notorious.”
  • Faith's joy for being able to maintain a close and loving relationship with her family.
  • How CJ’s music is more akin to ‘A Tribe Called Quest' and he tries not to compare himself to his father.
  • CJ thriving in the movie scene and has since been in three movies.
  • Her love for Stevie J and talks about their current status.
  • How her and Stevie's relationship unfolded on and off camera.
  • Stevie J having a few tracks on Faith’s new album The King & I, which will drop May 19th.
  • The importance of keeping Biggie's legacy alive.
  • The legal issues behind the photographer who took the picture of Biggie in the Coogi sweater with the World Trade Center in the background.
  • Her amazing experience doing the Bad Boy Reunion over the summer.
  • How once Biggie passed away any hostility and problems that she had with Kim went away.
  • Plans on working on a Biggie hologram.
  • Her future plans on a scripted TV show on VH1 that is in the making.
  • Ms. Wallace and Faith Evans are doing a documentary on Biggie that will be on A&E in April.
  • How to this day Biggie and her still have a strong bond and she can feel his presence in the studio while she works on music.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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