Stevie J Talks Loving Faith, Baby With Joseline + New Penthouse Show

Stevie J pulled up on Angie Martinez after a few years of not speaking in person and the two discussed the relationship with Faith Evans, his amazing catalog of music, the new baby with ex Joseline Hernandez and all the reality shows he will have on television in 2017.

While in the studio they discussed:

  • Stevie's not so good moments on reality television which have aired in the past six years.
  • Him being a character who loved the ladies since day one, but always being in the cut working on his music so nobody really knew.
  • His decision to finally pick one lady to settle down with by picking Faith Evans who he refuses to say is his girlfriend. "Faith and I have always been there for each other, I love her."
  • Whether or not he ever plans to get married and wether or not he will be doing a television special.
  • His biggest songs which includes Mariah Carey's smash hit 'Honey.'
  • Whether or not he was eyeballing Faith when he worked with Biggie over twenty years ago.
  • Having been in long term relationships such as the ones he had with Eve, Mimi Faust and his latest baby mama, Joseline.
  • The new show he is doing with Penthouse in which he is searching for the next Penthouse magazine covergirl.  He says "they have to have some type of talent."
  • Why him and Joseline have not revealed what their new baby girl, Bonnie Bella, looks like and it has to do with the couple getting PAID for these photos.
  • Taking the high-road when it comes to ex Joseline and working on co-parenting with her because being there for the baby is the most important thing. "I see her everyday...sometimes twice a day" he says.
  • The decision to drop his defamation of character lawsuit against Joseline.
  • Working on a new show with his business partner, Mona Scott-Young, titled "Did You Know About My Musical Career?"
  • Whether or not Faith will be joining the cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta', which he says that he will be making appearances with him. 
  • Working on Faith's new joint album with the late Biggie.
  • Plans to get in the studio with Teyana Taylor..."she's fly, she's just long overdue."
  • His thoughts on the current state of music and how he thinks everyone sounds the same. "I like Drake, Chris Brown and stuff like that" he tells Angie.
  • The upcoming fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown "I ain't going to that junk...not unless I'm getting in the ring with somebody...I box."
  • Who Stevie has his money on when it comes to the boxing match. "I got Chris Brown in the first round...Soulja boy is a little shaky...on the elliptical he's looking shaky" says Stevie.
  • Scoring the hosting gig for 'The Dating Game' which Mona plans to bring back.
  • He also did a piece giving the fellas some Valentine Day advice, tells them exactly what they can do to make sure their lady is EXTRA happy.
  • Check out the interview below:

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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