Can Entrepreneurship Save Puerto Rico?

The folks of 'Disrupt Puerto Rico' are on a mission to save Puerto Rico by teaching folks how to be entrepreneurs and make money right from the island that they love.

After Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico left in disarray for what feels like an eternity a team of Latinos has descended upon the island to help the new generation get educated on entrepreneurship, technology and how to earn a better living. The CEO and founder of Disrupt of Puerto, Anthony Delgado, sat down with Honey German to discuss his commitment to the island, his decision to leave New York City to go help his people and how he is helping Puerto Ricans recover from the economy hardship they face all while living out their true purpose.

They also touched on the massive amount of Puerto Ricans which were forced to migrate after the hurricane, who is responsible for rebuilding the island and the countless tech opportunities the island can take advantage of if taught about them.

Click here to learn more about 'Disrupt Puerto Rico' and their amazing mission.

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