Celebrities Who Were Asked To Prom By Fans & Actually Went!

Prom season is under way! It's actually National Promposal Day! Figuring out what to wear is almost as hard as gaining the courage to ask your crush the "will you go to prom with me?" question. Fortunately for me the pressures of prom season are far behind me. However, I still get a little salty seeing people going all out to pop the question to their dates!

Whether writing the question in the sky or having the football team spell out PROM?, there may be no promposal that can compare to those that are planned by fans for their favorite artists. That's right, I have a list of celebrities who were asked and went to prom with some lucky fans.

  1. Rihanna- There was once a show on MTV, called Once Upon a Prom, which had RiRi choose one lucky senior student out of a group of guys who didn’t have dates to their prom. RiRi ended up choosing Richard to take on what was her first-ever prom.
  2. Brandy- Brandy was actually asked to prom by a then non famous Kobe Bryant. Kobe was just a regular high school student who needed a prom date. She showed up in a Moschino gown and Kobe gave her a corsage for the night. She recalls it as feeling like " a normal 17 year old".
  3. Demi Lovato- Demi went to prom with her kindergarten classmate Nolan Narddechia after they made a promise to be prom dates. When she showed up as his prom date in 2010 she wore a strapless red dress, he gave her a corsage, and off they went to prom in a Rolls Royce which was Demi's idea.
  4. Drake- Drake showed up to prom back in 2017 when he joined his actual cousin Jalaah Moore and her date at their prom in Memphis. Technically, Drake was just a chaperone, but the night was still one for the books.
  5. Justin Bieber- Back in 2015, Justin crashed the Chatsworth High School prom, because he was recording nearby.
  6. Justin Timberlake- Back in 2011, JT showed up to the Instructor Battalion Marine Corps Ball as combat instructor Kelsey De Santis’s date in Richmond, Virginia. Kelsey, asked JT via YouTube four months earlier, later told sources that JT “was a complete gentleman” the whole time.

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