Name Something That Women Can't Do! I'll Wait...

Women’s History Month is underway! Women all around us have been showing out this year and it’s only our third month out here! From breaking records to shattering gender stereotypes, the capabilities of women are abundant.  

International Women’s Day is here, so I figured that I would tell you guys about two women looking to diversify the marketing game right now!

Boss babes Kellie N. Pean and Alyssa Convertini are an example of the barriers women are breaking down in our culture. They have founded a new collective called “Brand New.

The collective is said to “push against traditional agency paradigms for the next generation of creatives.”

It should come as no surprise that the company is solely founded and operated by a group of diverse women. The mission of the project is to provide marketing strategies to companies who are looking to immerse their brand in culture elevating content.

The brand is operated in New York and Los Angeles currently. There is no telling how far these women will expand. I can tell you that not even the sky is a limit for them!

In an interview with Forbes the founders spoke on their take on the marketing world!

“Representation matters. People often only focus on the functional skill sets without critically thinking about the importance of having a team and network that is reflective of your market,” says Pean.


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