Have You Guys Listened to Desiigner's "Thotiana" (Remix)?

Have you guys listened to Desiigner's "Thotiana" (Remix)?Apparently the artist still thinks Kanye West is crazy!

Yesterday (Feb. 19) Desiigner released his own version of Blueface's "Thotiana" in which the artist has decided to emphasize his thoughts about his label's founder.

To quote Desiigner's new "Thotiana" (Remix) he says, "I like to mix the codeine with the Fanta, huh/I got it going crazy, like Desiigner, huh/Oh god, it goin' crazy, like Kanye, huh/I brought it to my house on a Sunday."

Desiigner took to Instagram Feb. 1 and revealed to his 2.2 million followers his true feelings about Kanye and the time he spent working under his label. On Instagram live the rapper stated, "The biggest n***a—y’all n****s think he’s the genius. Y’all n****s think that that n***a shit. But to me, n***a, that n****'s crazy, n***a. To me, n***a, I’ve been doing this shit myself.”

Do you guys think Ye will actually respond to Desiigner's comments or remain unfazed?

Check out Desiigner's "Thotiana" remix below.

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