Know Your Presidents! It's President's Day.

Have you ever wondered why we have off on President's Day? Well, I haven't. If there is a holiday that gives me a three day weekend, then I'm pretty much content. However, this year President's Day seemed a little more important given our current state of governing.

Here's a little history for the people in the back:

A few centuries ago people deemed it important to celebrate George Washington's birthday as a federal holiday; being that he was the first president and all. After Abraham Lincoln became president many people suggested that he'd be honored too. Especially because both Washington's and Lincoln's birthday fall in this month of February. So, they combined the two ideas and named it President's Day; in order to honor all presidents past, present, and to come.

Now that you've had that history lesson, do you think you know all your presidents? Check out this presidential bop by Reggie Couz and test it out.

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