YNW Melly Talks Working With Kanye West, Losing Hope While In Jail + More

YNW Melly has had a very unique and inspirational story to say the least. The Florida rapper went from creating hit songs in prison to working with some of Hip Hop’s greatest icons such as Kanye West . After creating a major wave with his hit single  “Murder on my mind”  which unfortunately led him back to jail from all the controversy it caused, but he still managed to overcome all of that.

With a diverse style of rap and melodic tunes YNW Melly is making his own lane and sound within the music industry. After dropping his new single Mixed Personalities on Lyrical Lemonade his video has already got over 15 million views on YouTube. 

While Melly was in New York for his We All Shine tour he stopped by Power to chop it up with  Nyla Symone about...

  • Working With Kanye West
  • Inspiration behind the Mixed Personalities music video
  • The 6 different versions he has of himself
  • How Jail changed him
  • How he is not like every other Florida rapper + more