If It Weren't For Black People We Wouldn't Have...

It is February better known as Black History Month . So, you know we are celebrating the strides, trials, and tribulations that black people have championed through. In order to help break some of the division our country suffers from based on race, I thought we'd take a moment to recognize things that every race uses that were created by faces that may look more like yours.

  1. The Traffic Light : Yes that red light you run through often was created by a black man. John Peake Knight , was the first person to receive a patent for this creation that is a staple in our everyday lives.
  2. Mobile Refrigeration : If it were not for this invention by Frederick M. Jones , many of the grocery delivery services we've grown to rely on, would have no way to keep our food fresh on the go.
  3. Potato Chips : Yes the foundation for those beloved salt and vinegar chips were created by a black man named, George Crum . Crum was a chef and a client of his sent their fries back because they were too thick. As a way to be petty George gave the client extremely thin slices of potato and fried them. The client actually loved them and that is how the potato chip was created.
  4. The DryBath : A formula developed by Ludwik Marishane , allows people to bathe without the use of water! It's also moisturizing just like lotion with antibacterial properties. We are very fortunate to have access to clean water, but imagine how valuable this product is for the homeless and communities plagued by poverty.
  5. The Super Soaker : Looks like Soulja Boy stole the "super soak" them line from the creator of the beloved children's toy, Lonnie G. Johnson .
  6. The Clothes Dryer : Black man. George T. Sampson , was the first to obtain the patent for the clothes dryer, the perfect companion to the washing machine we all need daily.

Without the determination, bravery, and courage displayed by generations of black people before us our society would not have a lot of the advances we do. Think about how life would function without the help of traffic lights, dryers, or potato chips!

Were any of these inventions or their inventors a surprise to you? Let me know!

Photos @ GettyImages.


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