R. Kelly’s Daughter Speak Out About Allegations Against Him

In a world exclusive interview Drea Kelly who was married to R&B star R. Kelly for 13 years, is joined by her daughter Joann Kelly as they talk about his numerous accusations of sexual assault. 


"All the allegations that are going around, It's very hard to digest...that's still my father. It's a very hard situation to digest and even process. My heart is torn in two different places...I know him, he's my father.  It's very painful to see that all these people have been affected by someone who I care about and is very close to me...I'm very torn at the end of the day he's still family...I still do love my father...if my father is a toxic person, we have to love him from a distance, I had to separate my self."

Joann, 20, has not seen or lived with her father for years now.

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