The Houghtons Talk Church, Marriage, Music + Kanye's Controversial Ways

The Real host Adrienne Bailon and husband Israel Houghton dropped by The Angie Martinez Show to discuss his new Gospel LP 'Road To DeMaskUs' on which they worked on together and Adrienne even got to be on two of the songs.

Angie brought up their song 'Secrets' which has people wondering if their talking about their own relationship starting in secret while judging at the same time. Meghan Good directing the video for the 'Secrets' track which they played for her at their home and caused her to burst into tears.

While discussing her religion upbringing, Adrienne opens up about growing up in a very religious household. "The seeds that you plant in your children stay with them forever...I had a moral compass because of my upbringing" says Adrienne.

They also discussed Israel's weight loss, people holding Israel to a different type of standard due to him being a gospel artist, Adrienne's struggles of trying to conceive later in life and Kanye West's controversial behavior.

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