Kevin Hart Talks Upcoming Serious Role, Will Smith + Cosby Conviction

Kevin Hart dropped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his new movie with Tiffany Haddish titled 'Night School' which is in theaters this Friday and while in the studio they also talked about his amazing acting career, fame, giving back and him wanting to give others opportunities.

The two got right into working together in Paper Soldiers' in which Angie played his Parole Officer about which Kev says that the movie acted as his acting real and that it really "wasn't until 'Soul Plane' and 'Think Like a Man' that showed people that he was capable of being a leading man.

When asked what his plans are for his upcoming 40th birthday, Kev and Angie get into Kev possibly jumping out of a helicopter like Will did for his 50th. "I'm not helping death" he says when Angie asks if he would consider jumping too to celebrate his milestone birthday.

On what he wants next when it comes to his career Kev says that he plans on being a powerhouse when it comes to the industry.  "I want mogul, I want billionaire, network and I wan studio...I want to be the umbrella for others to come underneath" he says about wanting to reach new levels in the business perspective.

Kevin also goes on to reveal that he's playing a serious role in an upcoming movie with Nicole Kidman.  "It's gonna turns some heads, it's unbelievable...I'm a talented cat" he says about the movie which is due out next year.

Kev also touched on working with Angie early in his career, his upcoming serious role, black comedians always coming for each other, Bill Cosby's conviction and his fear of wild animals.

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