Nas On Kanye West Producing His Album: "He's One Of The Greatest"

Last night in NYC Angie Martinez linked up with Nas for an exclusive private show at the Play Station Theater.

During their sit down the two talked about his amazing catalog, the new album 'Nasir' and how crazy it is for an artist to be this strong and relevant in the game after 24 years.

While discussing having such a longterm career, Nas says that "you get older, it's just a blur, but it's a good feeling at the same time."

Nas also touches on how he linked up with Dave East after shouting him out during an interview with Angie on the radio and how that caused a frenzy of people trying to sign him.

About deciding to let Kanye West produce the album, Nas says that "he's one of the greatest, I wanna work with he greatest producers in hip-hop...we just have a  mutual respect." He also reveals that he always wanted to have an album produced by Ye.  He also adds that for years they've been talking about doing it, but this year they finally made it happen.

He also gets into sampling Slick Rick, which ones are his favorite joints on the 'Nasir' album and how he gets to do his morning walks without security.

Big S/O Verizon for giving us NAS' first performance of this new album.

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