Rich Homie Quan On New ATL Artists: "We Put You On A Pedestal"

Rich Homie Quan has decided to make his album about his journey as an artist and no material possession and he sat down with Honey German to talk about his decision to go this route, new artists, ATL going hard for their own, loving the 'YE' album + his decision to fall back from the industry for a while.

"It had more to do with like my story just in music...that's what I wanted to be back on this," he says about making music that the average person who is struggling can relate to as opposed to talking about money, cars, and jewelry. 

They also get into new artists coming out of Atlanta likeLil Baby, Gunna, Rich The Kid, Lil Yatchy and how he personally feels good about anybody coming out of Atlanta. "We put you on a pedestal" he says about anybody working hard to rep Atlanta.  He then touches on why he thinks artist in Atlanta have no problem bringing each other up as opposed to how it goes down in New York.

The fact that he fell back a bit from the music industry for a while also comes during which he reveals that he "didn't even know if I wanted to do it anymore" and how the lifestyle was so much at on point that he had to reevaluate himself."

As far as what music he's bumping out all these new projects, he says he definitely is rocking with the Jay-Z/Beyonce and Kanye West's new album.  Speaking about 'YE' he says that he "thought it was dope" despite Ye' political views. "I like the way he sets it up it's so different. He said what he said, but to make good music is what it's all about" says Quan.

He also touches on older folks not connecting to newer artists, his upcoming European tour, his new video 'Never Fold' which shows him coaching young boys and being a reformed Lebron James hater.

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