"Avocado Proposals" Is Really A Thing For Millennials


As twenty-somethings reach marrying age their obsession with avocado has taken on an entirely new role as a ring box.

Millennials are now popping the question with an "Avocado Proposal" during which they put the ring inside a cut in half avocado and pop the question using their favorite and quite pricey fruit.

A quick search for #avocadoproposal on Instagram serves up several images of men proposing to their future wives with a pit-free avocado and one of the earliest posts came examples from an account for Kim Tyler Photography, showing a groom-to-be down one knee holding a ring in one hand and a half of an avocado in the other.

Kay Jeweler couldn't resit, and they staged what a proper "Avocado Proposal" should like via the video above.



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