John Leguizamo: Latinos Fought In The Revolution! Where's Da Representation

John Leguizamo is on a quest put Latinos and their historical contributions made in America back in our history text books and for now he's doing a phenomenal job getting to it via his Broadway show 'Latin History For Morons' in which he stars in and also produced.

The Hollywood actor, Broadway star and Producer sat down with Honey German for an interview during which the two New Yorkers who not only share Latin backgrounds, but also a life mission to put forth issues in the Latin community discussed: 

  • What the mission is behind this new Broadway show which puts for all the major contributions made by Latinos in the United States dating back to the Revolutionary War in 1775 which fail to be acknowledged, celebrated or simple noted in our text books.
  • The lack of representation of Latinos in theaters, television and on Broadway despite being 20% of the population and having a $1.3 TRILLION dollars of buying power in this country.
  • Whether or not the Latin communities are doing enough when it comes to activism and revolting in comparison with the black community.
  • Latin History is not being taught in our class rooms or being included in our text books despite Latinos being the second oldest ethic group in American behind Native Americans.
  • How one become more educated and woke when it comes to Latin History by knowing facts such as: Latinos have fought in every single war America has had.  "500,000 of us fought in World War II...we're the most decorated minority in every single war, it's crazy that we're invisible" John says.
  • President Donald Trump's blatant discrimination against Latinos and how his policies also directly affect Mexicans, Haitians and all DREAMERS.  "He is keeping us out, they're blocking even legal immigration by Latin and black people in this country, they're putting quotas on us now" says John.
  • The lack of Latino's in Government offices and the fact that it is not due to lack of trying.
  • Names like Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kanye West being thrown out there for possible presidential runs in 2020.
  • Jennifer Lopez having to do it ALL just to be Jennifer Aniston + how she became the first actress to branch out and do it all: acting, singing, fashion, perfumes....
  • Plus much more. 

Latin History for Morons runs now through February 25th and you can by tickets by clicking here.

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