The Power Of Hip Hop: Talib Kweli "I'm Not Normal, I'm Exceptional"

As part of our 'The Power of Hip Hop' series in collaboration with Hennessy VS, Talib Kweli tells us when his love affair with music began, all things that inspire him, his favorite MCs growing up and how he's far from done when it comes to evolving.

"I'm motivated by anything, I can snap my fingers and be motivated. My children motivate me, life motivates me, death motivates me" he says about what keeps him motivated and inspired in life.

On who his favorites were as a young man, Talib says: "growing up I listened to all different types of music, but the music that drew me in was Hip-Hop, my favorite MCs growing up were KRS-One, Ice Cube and Q-Tip.

When it comes to pushing forward and reaching new levels Talib says that it's "in my DNA to never stop, never settle. I'm not normal, I'm exceptional and settling is what normal people the moment you stop evolving you die."

Never stop. Never settle.

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