The Power Of Hip Hop: John Legend Reveals Secrets To Staying Hungry

As part of our 'The Power of Hip Hop' series in collaboration with Hennessy VS, John Legend tells us how he stays hungry and motivated despite being just one award away from achieving the EGOT distinction, which is when you win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

"I'm motivated by the desire to create art, the desire to leave a legacy of excellence and impact" he tells Honey German about what keeps him pushing forward and reaching new levels of success.  "What keeps me focused and driven is the idea of what I want to leave behind...the thing that motivates me and makes me work harder is the idea of my legacy and to try to leave a world behind that is better off that I was here."  

John also tells Honey about that moment when took the risk of quitting his 9-5 job at a management consulting firm to go pursue his dream of being a musician, which artists inspire him and how choosing your battles wisely allows him to have some balance in his life.

Never stop. Never settle.

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