Wale in RARE form w/ Angie + Shares Philosophy on Kendrick, Cole + Photos w/ Fake Fans


Wale stopped by the Angie Martinez show and talked about his new album "SHINE", which came out a week earlier than expected. He also talked about:

  • Why he decided to release “SHINE” a week early
  • He talks about how the industry can “suck you dry”
  • Why he thinks Kendrick Lamar is a Top Five Rapper of all time
  • He talked about collaborating with latin superstar J. Balvin
  • He discussed J. Cole’s comments in “False Prophets” and their relationship after the song
  • How being a father has impacted his life. “I think more about everything”
  • His belief that radio and journalism is dying
  • He mentions how Leslie Jones has a crush on Rick Ross
  • How Rick Ross a.k.a "Renzel" is the biggest ladies man in MMG
  • His decision to put his daughter Zyla Moon on his album cover
  • His upcoming SHINE tour “It’s basically sold out”
  • Dealing with fake fans
  • Why people like Angie Martinez can help Wale keep faith in the industry
  • He talked about how people think he’s Hollywood. “I’m just an over thinker”
  • He comments on New York hip hop culture.
  • What you can expect from his album. “I want this album to be a relief for the world"


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