All The Reasons Why The UniverSoul Circus Is Magical Place


I hit up the UniverSoul Circus this past Sunday and was transported into the most magical place ever + traveled the world!

From the moment you step into the big top you're filled with excitement as you smell popcorn, funnel cakes and happiness.

Their carnival inspired opening act which takes us to Trinidad Tobago sets the pace for what turns out to be a night filled unexpected moments.


Once your adrenaline is flowing like something crazy, then they proceed to take us all over the world with acts which range from motorcycle stunts to amazing acrobatics + they've got some beautiful animals which are just as talented as the performers.

The acts which come from countries such as China, Cuba and Africa are too many to count but I can assure you that this will be the most amazing family night that you can ever treat your loved ones to.

During the intermission the kids get to take a camel ride + take photos with their world famous Fresh The Clowns.

Buy your tickets here now.

Check out some of my favorite moments which I shared on Instagram: 



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