At the grand opening of The Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge, DJ Envy sat down with DJ KOVAS to chop it up bout creating the new Dunkin' Donuts commercial with New York Giants own Odell Beckham Jr. 

"Runnin' On a Cold Brew" features a catchy song performed by Odell and KOVAS, showcasing their unique musical styes inspired by New York City and Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew.

KOVAS who also wrote the hook on the track featured in the commercial, also opened up about what it was like working with the Giants player + what else he's working on at this time.

Check the interview out below: 


Photo: Getty

See OBJ like never before in this exclusive behind the scenes look at how his hit video Runnin’ on a Cold Brew came together.