Morris Chestnut stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat about the Spring premiere of his hit FOX show Rosewood. While on the show he cleared up a recent allegation that he is a deadbeat dad. A 30 year old man calling himself Dante Chestnut recently made allegations that Morris left him and his mother after the success of Boyz n the Hood and never took care of them.

Morris admits to have been sleeping with his mother and he believed that he was his son at the time. He helped raise him for three years only to discover that he was not his son. A paternity test determined that he was not the father. The family was devastated but he felt that he needed to leave that situation behind and left it to the child's mother to make things right. Dante may have never learned the truth which is unfortunate. 

Check out the interview below for more on the story as well as more on the following. 

- What does the role of Ricky in Boyz n the Hood mean to him?
- Why did he decide to move to television
- Why he asked for fewer topless scenes on Rosewood
- Reaction to Chris Rock at Oscars
- Plus more