Generally speaking, album sales are not what they used to be.  Due to an evolving industry and the rise of the internet, physical record sales have slowed down significantly and artists have put more focus on touring and merchandise to make their money.  

However, that doesn’t mean artists won’t make hilarious excuses if their new album flops.  Below is a list of real quotes from rappers trying to explain lower than expected album sales numbers, put together by the staff at Complex Magazine

Here are three common reasons...

1. "My album leaked." 

Angel Haze Album: Dirty Gold

First Week Sales: 857

The irony in this excuse is that she leaked the album herself...

2. "My label failed to properly promote my album." 

Soulja Boy Album: The Deandre Way

First Week Sales: 13,400

“The labels out here, they don’t know what they’re doing… No disrespect to no labels, but I’ve got my ear to the streets.”

You know, Soulja Boy, the hood general.


3. "My album was only sold by select retailers."

Kreayshawn Album: Something 'Bout Kreay

First Week Sales: 3,900 3,900 was the lowest sales number ever by a major label artist in their debut week.

This is a case of being in denial!

Catch the full list on Complex.

Photo Credit: Power 105.1