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Has Lebron James already decided where he wants to play next year? While he will never confirm anything until his 'Decision' is made, he is sending some very subliminal messages on IG. Not only is he posting how much he misses his friends and family back in Akron, but he also posted pics from his High School days. Remember, he grew up in the Cleveland area, still has most of his family and friends in that area and he played the first part of his career for the Cavaliers. Remember, the Cavs just drafted Andrew Wiggins with he fist pick of the NBA draft. Scouts are calling Wiggins the best player to come out the draft since Lebron himself. Wiggins is also the 3rd player the Cavs drafted with the top overall pic in the last 4 years (Kyrie Irving 2011, Anthony Bennet 2013)

He also could be signaling the end of the 'Big 3' with the fact that he is promoting the 'Fab 5' aka his teammates from his High School days. 

This also comes after his wife posted a very similar message.