Another classic case of when "driving while black" goes wrong.

Marcus Jeter, a Bloomfield, New Jersey native, was in the midst of
facing series charges and up to 5 years in jail after police officers
allegedly tampered with reports.  Luckily for Jeter, a police
dashboard camera caught the whole ordeal on tape, clearing him of
charges such as eluding police, assault and resisting arrest,
according to ABC News.

After Bloomfield Police officers were called the residence where Jeter
and his girlfriend lived, the 30-year-old stated that he spoke briefly
with police and then went off on his way.  Moments later, Jeter found
himself being flagged down and completely surrounded by armed police

"My hands are up," said Jeter to ABC News anchor Sarah Wallace. "As
soon as he [the police officer] opens the door, one of the officers
reached in and punched me in my face. As he's trying to take my seat
belt off, he's elbowing me in my jaw...and he's like stop trying to take
my gun, stop trying to resist arrest. And that's when I thought in my
mind, this is going to go wrong."

After an initial investigation by the Bloomfield Scandal Plagued
Internal Affairs Division was conducted, they reported that there was
no wrongdoing on the officers' in this case.

But low and behold, there was a second recording of the incident, one
that the Bloomfield Police Department was aware of but did not release to investigators. After careful review of the second tape which
captured the brutal assault by police, Jeter's charges were
immediately dismissed and the three police officers involved in the
case were brought into custody.

Two of the three officers, Sean Cotter and Orlando Trinidad, were at
the Newark Court House today where they were arraigned on charges
including conspiracy, official misconduct and falsifying reports.
Trinidad was also charged with aggravated assault; he pleaded not
guilty. As for the third officer, a plea bargain was arranged and he
plead guilty to all charges.

"I'm sure that if this happened to me it can happen to a bunch of
other people...It's a scary situation," said Jeter.