Singer R Kelly was supposed to headline the "Fashion Meets Music Festival" but due to the opinion of others on his past he was recently dropped from the festival. Artist such as Saintseneca who is a folk rock band artist wrote on their website hat they were withdrawing because “we feel [Kelly’s] selection as a performer ignores his very serious allegations of sexual violence and assault”.

local radio station WCBE 90.5 FM also backed out because they represent the school systems

"Obviously, since they represent children and they represent teenagers, they didn’t want us associated with the event if R. Kelly was a part of it...So whether you looked at it from our internal ethics, or the feedback from our listeners and the school district, it came down to everything saying, ‘You just can’t do it.’” says general manager Dan Mushalko.


Looks like the bones in his closet are rattling and stopping shows.




Inspired By Dj Suss-One

Written by Asia Maddrey