K. Michelle has a new boo and of course in true K. Michelle fashion, there is drama surrounding her new relationship.  A young lady claiming to be the baby mother of the singer’s new boyfriend basketball player, Bobby Maze is calling her out for accompanying him in neglect his kid. 

Here's how it is being reported:

"Bobby Maze is so busy living with his best friend Michael Beasley (Miami Heat Player) and hanging with all his other NFL, NBA, and Celebrity friends portraying the life of a man who has it all and does it all for everybody, but yet, doesn’t do s*** with or for his children, with the exception of the one in Maryland is the biggest fabricator and his posture is F***** up.

His deadbeat daddy ways and the fact that he can send flowers, jewels and make time for K Michelle, but can’t even call or see our soon to be 4yr old daughter and never be with her for any extended time or special occasions, (like her birthday) but yet be in Knoxville, Tennessee for BMaze Celebrity Basketball Game with K Michelle right their entertaining his two IG celebrity guest @icejjfish and his own aunt @_auntcc is pathetic. You see, he’s so busy, sending her his jeweler, flowers, text messages, and keeping up with the Jones or should I say K Michelle, he continuously neglects his responsibility, makes broken promises, never follows thru, and has all the excuses in the world for not being their for his children. Yet alone, our daughter who is right here in Atlanta. It’s about balance and a genuine effort to be a better person and dad, but again he has chosen not to. Yes, it’s a choice. But here’s the other dynamic or question – is K Michelle even the type of woman to encourage her new boo to do the right thing, since she clearly lacks the motherly, nurturer type of characteristic herself with her own son (no shade). I’m just saying, it’s one thing to not want your child to be apart of reality TV ratchetness, but instead she portrayed to most of the world and fans probably otherwise. You didn’t even know until recently that she had a child. And that speaks volumes to her character. To have this positive campaign and movement, she needs to put it into practice. What do I rebel against – I rebel against deadbeat dads and moms that abandon their children.

The Memo is K Michelle your man is a fraud, a monster and a deadbeat….and if you knowingly support and love this type of person, then it let’s me and the world know she is the same.”

Written By: @tamira___

Inspired By: @DJsussOne

Photo Credit: Getty Images