Floyd MayWeather knows how to spoil his "three" girlfriends .. and at the same time, Floyd and his ex "Miss Jackson" has been going back and fourth with their instagram lately especially after Floyd saw that she has moved on with rapper Nelly. 

Check out the rides that Floyd copped for his three boo's: 

Also check out how his "ex" Miss Jackson spent her birthday with her boo thang rapper Nelly, which made her birthday so special.

Caption: "Cheesing..... #allsmiles #birthdayweekend"

Caption: "I have had more fun this weekend than I have in years. I am so grateful that I got to spend my birthday with my family and friends, all thanks to this amazing man @derrtymo Thank you so much for making my weekend incredible. Nothing is more important than having real people in your life and no amount of money can buy real happiness. My weekend was priceless and filled with great moments and memories."

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Inspired By: @DJSussOne

Written By: @IamJasmineG, @IIIghtCuddy