Every one wants a piece of the pie and Kim Kardashian's former dentist from a job done in wants his. Kim visited Dr.Craig Gordon in 2001 to switch out her silver fillings for more transparent porcelain fillings. She ended up pulling a fats one on him and not paying for her bills ( obviously this was before the money). A lawsuit was then filled in 2002, Kim was a no show, so the doctor received a default judgment of $1,605.73. 

Dr.Gordon is now trying to sell this judgment to the highest bidder because it is an 'collectable value'. 

Here's the best part since there was interest on this unpaid judgment, the price has now hiked to $3,486.85 ! He now believes he can sell it for $13,00. Thats a nice little penny.


Inspired by: DJ Suss One

Source: TMZ