Spring 2015 is set to be an interesting movie year. Overbrook Entertainment, owned by James Lassiter and Will Smith, has decided to take on a new project that will be based on the life of George Zimmerman. In true Smith Family style, Jaden Smith is confirmed to be the lead role of Trayvon Martin. Wilmer Valderrama is the front-runner to play the role of George Zimmerman. They are rumored to begin production in the Fall of 2014.

Although many aren’t please about the attention being given to the tragic situation, Will Smith believes it’s a story that needs to be told.

“It’s obvious that he’s not America’s sweetheart right now but his story is intriguing and it needs to be heard. Hitler wasn’t popular. Does that mean his story is any less interesting? Of course not. Slave masters aren’t popular but 12 Years a Slave was phenomenal. Wait until you see the finished product and judge for yourself.”

Zimmerman is expected to get a pretty piece of change from the movie deal. He is rumored to expect about $3.2 million from Overbrook Entertainment for his role as a consultant.

Overbrook Entertainment is known for other projects such as: Hancock, ATL and Wild Wild West.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Written By: @Tamira___