The Katt Williams "Gun Incident" just keeps getting better, and more confusing. Initial rumors said that he pulled out a gun on a heckler during a show in LA after losing his temper. Then the comedian told sources that things went down completely different. He claimed that gang members came up to him and he had to defined himself. Now reports are surfacing saying that, the four guys that approached him was trying to put together a documentary.

One of the self proclaimed victims says the incident initially started outside of the LA club. He reports that he was there with three other men filming a documentary that is set to be titled "From the Hood to Hollywood." When they saw comedic icon Katt Williams, the supposed "Gang members" asked him if he would let them film him for their documentary. Katt Williams did not take the invite lightly and told the men no. According to reports, moments later a woman pulled up in a car and Katt Agedly went to the trunk of her car and retrieved two guns. It is rumored that he then walked over to the car the men were in and smashed the driver side window with the butt of the guns. Check out photos of the AGEDLY damages.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Written By: @Tamira___

Inspired By: @DJsussOne