UPDATE (7/7): Joseline started a new account and can be found at @Joseline4Eva. Baller Alert also published a video of Joseline stating that she had not tweeted in over three days and shades her haters. 


Yesterday, Stevie J made it official that he and his wife Puerto Rican Princess, Joesline Hernandez are officially over.

He said that he had proof that she had cheated on him with several rappers. Interestingly enough, loud mouth Joesline has been keeping quiet: until now.

She recently took to twitter to reveal all the rappers that she has been with while dealing with Stevie J.

It is suggested that Stevie hacked her page and is putting her on blast showing DMs between her and Rick Ross and posting pics from her former stripping days.

Her twitter page also claims that she has had relations with Nelly, KD and Harden.

Check It out for yourself.


Photo Credit : Getty Images Written By: @Tamira___ Inspired By: @DJsussOne