UPDATE (6/24):

The mug shot model, Jeremy Meeks, has caught the attention of millions when his mug shot became a viral hit.

Jeremy Meeks did get an offer from a tattoo removal company, LaserAway to erase his tatts for free! The company felt moved when they found out his mother was upset that her song was being seen as a stereotyped with his tatts. LaserAway also plans to put $20k towards his $900k bail.


The flipside is that there are model companies that were impressed with tatted up body because it’s “gangster chic.”



There was a photo of a young man that caught the attention of many.

Police of North Caroline shared the image and it racked up more than 33k likes on Instagram and lots of Facebook and/or Instagram reposts. Women want to know the 411 on Jeremy Meeks even though he’s been arrested for five weapons charges and one gang charge.

The Facebook post that started the frenzy:

Photo Credit: Getty Images